Bike Insurance is compulsory by law in India, that means if you have a Bike, it is mandatory to get Insurance of this BIKE.

 If you have a bike, and you do not have any Insurance Policy of that bike or the policy you took has become expire, then it means that you are not following the law, and in such a way if you are without Insurance bikes are taken on the road, then you can be prosecuted,

So that's why it is important that you understand the legal imperative of Bike Insurance and its importance, and that's why in today's post we going to talk to you in detail about Bike Insurance in detail.



  Bike Insurance means a General Insurance for two wheeler, if you have a two wheeler, then it becomes mandatory for you to get that Two Wheeler Insurance,

Now the question is -
Why is it mandatory to insure a bike or two wheeler? That is, what is needed?

So the answer is that - 
If the bike or two wheeler is moving, it is on the road, and if there is an accident or accident while walking on the road, which causes damage to the bike driver or bike.

So what is your option in such a case?

The first option you have is - 
You will spend whatever is the loss in an accident or accident from your pocket, whether it is about repairing the vehicle or the injury to the body of the bike driver,

And if you pay the expenses due to such sudden accident / accident from your pocket, then it can have a huge impact on your pocket, your budget or your financial condition, and this will affect your entire family. May need

Now there is another option to repair the bike from the accident while walking on the road or to pay the Bill/Amount of injury you suffered.

That is, if you have the Insurance of your bike, then you can incur all the expenses incurred due to the accident, whether it is related to the bike or in the treatment of injury to your body, both expenses can be taken from the Insurance Company,

And so it becomes very important to have Bike Insurance, you can avoid the effects on your financial situation by spending a small amount as a premium in Insurance,

So that's why the government has also made Bike Insurance is mandatory so that you can claim damage directly from your 
Insurance Company, instead of fighting the front and demanding compensation for the loss of an accident on the road,

What kind of damage does Insurance Cover provide in Bike Insurance?

In bike insurance, you get Insurance Cover from a lot of possible losses with the bike, And if we talk about which damages are mainly covered in this, then the answer will be -
Damage from the first natural disaster Such as flood, storm, earthquake, landslide, etc.
Second -
Theft, fire damage, accident or bomb blast, riot etc.
In this way, almost all types of damage in bike insurance is provided.

How Many Types Of Bike Insurance?

There are two types of Bike Insurance
  • 1.Comprehensive Policies 
These are common bike insurance plans in which any type of damage that occurs to the bike driver and bike / two wheeler (Wear and tears) is covered in the insurance, including everything like thunderstorms, etc.
  • 2. Liability Only Polices
This type of plan covers the damage caused by a third party only (collision with another person's Vehicle on the road).


There are two options to buy BIKE INSURANCE -
  • 1. Offline

You can also buy Insurance Policy offline by visiting the Insurance Company's office.

And there is another option is
  • 2. Online

You can also buy insurance from the insurance company through the help of websites such as
Tip: Generally online buying costs less than offline.

How to claim loss if taking bike insurance?

Now the last and important question - if you take bike insurance and there is some kind of damage to the bike or the bike, then how to claim compensation for the loss from the insurance company?

So the answer is -
For the loss in the bike, you must first go to a authorized service center of the insurance company, and from there you can show your insurance policy to the service center,
You will get some claim forms from the service center, which will have to be filled and the required documents submitted along with it,
And then in this way you get the necessary help from the service center for the claim of compensation.
Apart from this, in case of any inconvenience, you can also get help by calling the insurance company customer care.