Name, status and work These three words fit for TCS. The name is because it is the RATTAN of the TATA Group.

       It has the status of being the largest company in the country and the work is such that in 15 years, investors earned 1850% return in it. In the world too, it gained momentum. TCS, which is counted among the world's top three most valuable IT companies, is considered a champion stock, because even if we do not find another such Indian company, let us look at the great journey of this emperor of the IT sector from 15 years.

       The last 15 years have been a great journey for TCS to be listed on August 25, 2004. For the Tata group, the company is a treasure trove. Just think, the company in which 85 thousand investment value will be 1.75 crore rupees in 15 years, whose will not like it.

       TCS was listed on 25 August 2004. Its IPO was subscribed 7.7 times. The retail portion of the IPO was 3 times full. Today it is the largest company in the country in terms of market cap. The issue price of TCS's IPO was Rs 850. These shares were listed at Rs 1076 with a 26.6 per cent premium.

        The stock has so far given 1850 per cent returns from the listing. Investments of 100 shares, ie 85000, made in 2004, have become 1.76 crores today. It also includes dividend of 16.5 lakhs. TCS has a market cap of Rs 8 lakh crore crore, which holds 10 shares in the Nifty. TCS is the RATTAN of the entire Tata group, alone it outstrips all the group companies.

        TCS is the largest company in the Tata group. It holds 75% of the total market cap of the TATA group. At the same time, it accounts for 20 per cent of the group's total income. The company has cash of Rs 72220 crore.