The RBI has agreed to transfer 1.76 lakh crore rupees to the government, but do you know what the RBI's earnings are?


     Of India agreed on Monday evening that it will transfer Rs 1.76 lakh crore from its surplus fund to the government. Out of this, 1.23 lakh crore rupees will be given in the fiscal year 2018-19. The remaining Rs 52,637 crore will be provided by RBI from its surplus reserve.

     In the fiscal year 2017-18, there were 36.2 lakh crore rupees in the balance sheet of RBI. However, the balance sheet of RBI is not like the balance sheet of a company. The note that RBI prints is about half of its total liability. RBI has a large share of 26 per cent of its revenue. RBI mainly invests this money in foreign and Indian government bonds and gold.

    According to Economic Times, RBI has 566 tonnes of gold. Forex assets and gold account for 77% of the bank's total assets. There is a lot of difference of opinion between the finance ministry and RBI on how much fund RBI should have for its functioning.

Where does the fund come from RBI?

      The entire fund with RBI is not one of a kind. It is mainly of two types. First, the currency and gold revaluation account (CGRA), which holds the largest stake. In the fiscal year 2017-18, it was Rs 6.9 lakh crore with RBI. It shows that the RBI holds gold and foreign currency on behalf of the Government of India.

Emergency Fund.

    The RBI has a provision for holding an emergency fund. RBI can use emergency funds if the economy gets in trouble due to RBI monetary policy or dollar-rupee fluctuations. In fiscal 2017-18, RBI had an emergency fund of Rs 2.32 lakh crore. This is 6.4 percent of its total assets. The Emergency Fund and CGRA together constitute 26 per cent of RBI's total assets.

What is RBI Surplus Fund?

    RBI is giving money from this fund to the government. The RBI's financial statements have two unique features. RBI does not have to pay tax and after meeting all its requirements, it transfers the rest of the money to the government. The source of RBI's income is mainly interest on government bonds.