Gold has reached 6-year high on Comex. On the MCX, gold has jumped 18 percent this year.

Gold Price Diwali

        While the stock market is disappointing investors, gold continues to set new records. Gold has reached 6-year high on Comex. At the same time, gold has jumped 18 percent on MCX this year and still remains the most attractive for investors. But is it a profit-booking opportunity in gold or will the investment still be profitable, gold and how much will go up. Will gold cross 40,000 even by Diwali and if you want to buy now, what is the best way. In this special show, we will try to find the answers to these questions because the fear of recession has strengthened the confidence in gold.

        Gold has seen a rise of 1.5 percent in this week, while a 6.5 percent surge has been seen in 1 month, while this year has seen a rise of 17 percent till date. Looking at silver, silver has shown a growth of 1.6 percent in this week, while 7.8 percent has been seen in a month, while this year has seen a rise of 9 percent till date. At present, gold has increased in attractiveness. Comex Gold is trading at the height of 6 years. So far this year, gold prices have gone up by 18 per cent. Gold has jumped more than $ 100 / ounce this month.

Why sleep fast ?

          Talking about the reasons why gold has gained momentum, investors are afraid of slowdown. The fall in bond yields, stress in Hong Kong and decline in emerging markets are also the reasons for this. Gold price in India is supported by the weakness of the rupee. The import of gold has become expensive due to the weakness of the rupee against the dollar. Currently, the boom in gold continues. Silver is also shined with gold. The reason for the rise in gold is the danger of increasing trade war in US-China. Apart from this, gold has also been intensified due to a cut in interest rates in the US. Gold has also become costlier due to sluggish global growth and purchases by central banks around the world.

Buy gold in these ways

      If you want to buy gold then you can buy it as jewelery. One can profit by purchasing Gold Mutual Fund, Gold ETF, Sovereign Gold Bond, Digital Gold and Commodity Derivatives Exchange.

Giants Trading Tips

Gold: Buy - Rs 38000, Stoploss - Rs 37900, Target - Rs 38250

Silver: Buy- Rs.43900, Stoploss- Rs.44500, Target- Rs.43700